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Alpaca Manure: Compost for the garden

This year in the E.A.T. garden we are trying a new composting method or manure for the garden and yes the above helped participate. I read South American Indians use the alpaca waste for fuel, and local gardeners find the alpaca's rich fertilizer perfect for growing fruits and vegetables. Lucky for me I have connections at New Trails Alpacas in Louisa Virginia.

Basil so enjoyed the fresh curious new smells from the yard.

So two weeks ago this is what we had - a weeded garden with fresh Alpaca manure that was worked into the soil. This past weekend was spent planting several varieties of bok choy, beets, and carrots. More to come over the next couple of weeks!

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  1. Everywhere I've read said that the alpaca manure doesn't smell. I just picked up a bunch from a farm and it doesn't smell as bad as cow poop, but it does stink a little. It wasn't fresh poop and it was very wet from the recent rains, so I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

    Did your manure have a bad odor?

  2. Not at all. My manure was actually 1 year old so it had composted very well. Would love to hear how yours turns out.


  3. I just recieved a few bags of Alpaca manure & the farm I recieved it from raves about using it for gardens I have had a few people tell me not to use it without composting it or aging it or else we will get sick. THe lady at the farm told me this manure does not need aging/composting. She said it can be spread directly onto the garden. I haven't spread it in the big garden yet but have on my garlic plants. Any advice?

    1. Honestly the digestive system of an alpaca does all the work for you. Most manures do require composting or aging. I have never had an issue with Alpaca manure burning anything.

      I would suggest spreading and tilling to combine the soil and manure. Hope all goes well!

      Love to hear how it turns out.



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