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How to clean out a refrigerator.......

Take the old fridge and unplug it carefully. Take it outside and have a friend that can use it come pick it up.

Put new fridge in it's place. It's really that easy.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Love that style. We bought the same setup a few years ago when we moved into the huge project that is our house. Only thing you need to be careful of is don't try and close both upper doors at the same time. You think they ae closed but often they are not. Close one and then the other.

  2. What a lovely update to your kitchen! But where oh where is the beautiful dog - don't tell me he went with the old refrigerator. Jinx

  3. Make sure to clean your fridge on a regular basis, especially if you are storing wine in there. The off odors from food gone bad can eventually taint your wine.

  4. Thanks so funny. We just got a new fridge too. We cleaned our old one out by inviting my son's swim team over. Problem solved.


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