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DIY Composting

Well it has been a long time coming for E.A.T. and I am happy to say we have finally begun something that was way overdue and included among my Top Ten 2011 Food Goals. We are composting. Actually starting 3 or 4 weeks ago by collecting any natural waste we would have otherwise thrown out in the garbage. It did not take long to outgrow the little pail we were using and I had to break down and purchase a larger vessel for our scraps. You would be amazed how much you throw out that could be turned into compost. Egg shells, coffee grinds, onion skins, herbs, and vegetables that were either used or ended up going bad. Every time I cook I have those ends, tops, and skins that I used to pitch.

Well, no more and hopefully just in time for the garden coming this spring as composting does take 3-4 months to really start the cycle. There are many ways to start composting and here is a quick DIY of how I started down the path.
  • We started by using a vintage coffee can with lid right in the kitchen. This is where we pitch any of the named items above.
  • We broke down and purchased a new metal garbage can (I searched for weeks looking for an old rusty beat up can to re-purpose to no avail).
  • I drilled holes about a quarter to half inch in size all over the sides of the can and 5 holes in the bottom.
  • Added a layer of leaves in the bottom (had to get those darn things up anyway).
  • Sprayed the leaves just to get them wet.
  • I then added a layer of items we had been saving over the past week or so.
  • Topped that with another layer of leaves and we have already begun adding another layer of items to compost.
  • Finally I placed the can on two pieces of wood to keep it off the ground and allow for air to circulate throughout.

There you have it - Easy Peasy. I am now composting the remains of my local purchases and feel great about putting them back into the ground by creating a rich soil to grow my local veggies!

I of course compiled several different ways of composting from various on-line sources. If you are composting or just have some suggestions would love to hear them!

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  1. My warmest congratulations Tim and soon we will find out about all the wonderful veggies and fruits you are growing thanks to this wonderful compost pile! :)


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