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12 Day Vegan Challenge Results and Thoughts

Final vitals for day 12 of this challenge came in with the following: weight, 184 blood pressure, 128/88 after medication. I lost 2.5 pounds overall and my blood pressure really did not fluctuate all that much. In the beginning of the challenge and the first couple of days I felt good and was excited about the days ahead. As I reflect back, it started on my trip to Charlotte that I realized I truly am a carnivore. Below are a few things I learned:
  • You can eat vegetables, rice, grains, beans, soy, nuts, fruit and truly be satisfied and full.

  • Tofu prepared correctly is really good.

  • Eating out is difficult in places that are not vegan friendly.

  • You really have to pay attention to labels. Whey (as I later learned) is not vegan friendly.

  • Buying and eating processed vegan food can be very expensive.

  • You can buy basically anything vegan. BBQ sandwiches, chicken salad, pizza, burgers, and chicken wings.

  • Being vegan requires thoughtful planning.

And lastly.........

  • I will incorporate more vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruit into my diet. Right beside a moderate portion of beef, chicken, lamb, fish, and dairy products that are organically, ethically, and locally grown or raised!

Today is football and this carnivore is making a Spicy Pork and Red Bean Chili. Follow me next week through Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and this blog as I E.A.T. my way through NYC.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well


  1. Congrats on completing your challenge!

    Enjoy your hearty meaty meal :)

  2. nicely done and documented. It really is difficult to keep vegan without serious forethought. I made a weak attempt at bittman's breakfast and lunch veganism but didn't last a week. having said that I may give it another go

  3. I really enjoyed reading about your experiment with being a vegan. I have some friends who are vegans for purely ethical and ideological reasons, which while admirable, I cannot relate.

    I have serious issues with our industrial meat system, and have stopped eating this. I don't however have any issues buying meat from neighbors farms who raise grass fed cattle that are born and raised on the farm.

    That said, as you noted eating processed vegan food is expensive and also - it is processed. The meat alternatives such as tofurkey lunch meat slices or Boca burgers are arguably no better than industrial meat for our bodies and the environment.


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