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12 Day Vegan Challenge: Day and Meal #2

The vitals for day 2 of this challenge came in with the following: weight, 184.5 (a 2 pound reduction from yesterdays weigh in) blood pressure, 133/87 before medication. After medication and 45 minutes later bp was 111/84.

One of my challenges is going to be breakfast - just never have been a breakfast person. The only exception to that rule is a European breakfast which consists of meats, cheeses, and soft boiled eggs - but I digress. Today was one cup of hot oat bran cereal (banana and almonds added), one clementine, and half of an apple.

Lunch was a different animal and by that I mean no animal was harmed in the making of this pizza. This was a cheese pizza from Tofurky. The cheese, or non cheese, comes from a company called daiya and I have to say this was not bad at all. It seemed like I was truly eating a cheese pizza! My only complaint is the $8.00 price tag on this small 12 ounce pizza. The side accompaniment was a simple arugula salad with olive oil, olives, fresh ground pepper, and a squeeze of lemon.

Dinner was off the charts good and will be added in a regular rotation in the E.A.T. household. January's Bon Appetit held this little gem: Stir fried bok choy and mizuna with tofu. It is is a simple, healthy, flavorful and filling dish. Do yourself a favor - make this dish or file it away for your next dinner party where you may have a vegan or vegetarian in attendance.

The true test begins tomorrow as I start back the work week. Posts during this time will be limited to vitals and what I am eating and feeling both through this blog and on twitter (@timvidraeats).

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well E.A.T. your veggies

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  1. Breakfast and dinner were my faves - especially the tofu dinner. Didn't think I would like it, but I did surprisingly. The vegan cheese on the pizza was a little gummy tasting for my likes, but not bad overall.

    3 days down!


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