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12 Day Vegan Challenge: Day and Meal #1

After a New Years eve celebration that included bone in rib eyes, shrimp, and baked potatoes with all the dairy fixings, it was time to get this vegan challenge under way! The vitals came in with the following: weight, 186.5 and blood pressure, 125/88. Breakfast consisted of 2 clementines, a pear, and handful of pistachios all the while thinking this is going to be easy - then came lunch.

Since I have been thinking up this 12 day challenge for a while now I had been storing up recipes to try and use during this time. One website I am a big fan of and have mentioned before is Back in early December she posted a recipe for collard wraps. If you follow my blog at all you know this time of year I am a big fan of collards. Aside from the fact that my food processor broke in the middle of the preparation, this recipe was fairly simple but time consuming to make. As far as taste, I would have to give it an OK in my book. Mary on the other hand raved over the dish. That is what this challenge is really all about. My taste buds were looking for something with a little more texture. That said we have some of the leftover paste which will be delicious as a spread on crackers.

I do not plan on my posts being as lengthy as this except on the weekends when I have time to document. I will be sending out daily updates both through my blog and through twitter (@timvidraeats)as to the vitals and what I am experiencing being a vegan for 12 days. Right now I must say I am feeling good about the day but then again it is day one.

Now off to work on dinner, a cauliflower chick pea stew from the friends over at Real Simple.

E.A.T. local E.A.T. well

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  1. The flavors sound lovely, but the raw collards sound chewy. I enjoy making kale subs with whatever raw ingredients I have around.

    Hope the stew was yummy!


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