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Sunday Supper "Turkey burgers with brie, granny smith apples, and arugula"

I was asking myself after a couple of days filled with turkey why would I even choose "Turkey Burgers" as my Sunday Supper? To answer that you will have to make this recipe, inspired by Bobby Flays version:
  • Ground Turkey (White or Dark)
  • Granny Smith apple (sliced, brushed with olive oil)
  • Brie cheese cubed
  • Arugula
  • Ciabata bread

Make patties about 8 ounces each. Push cubes of brie into the patties and work to cover so cheese is no longer visible. Brush both sides with olive oil then sprinkle with salt and pepper. While grilling to your liking, dress the slices of bread with whole grain mustard and mayonnaise. When burgers are almost done, grill apple slices. Apply patty to the bread slices, top with apples, and cover with fresh arugula. Enjoy!

You might notice the broccoletti as a side. Simply melt butter and mix with olive oil. Simmer minced garlic and add toasted pine nuts. Add the broccoletti coating and quickly stir frying. The end result should still have a crunch. This is a vegetable side dish I have always loved while visiting Bacchus here in Richmond.

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  1. I love turkey burgers and I put rocket on most things :) I visited my parents this weekend and they have fresh rocket growing....I was happy!

  2. Wow Monica that is great! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Best, E.A.T.

  3. How perfect I happened upon your post today, I'm making this for my guys for supper!


  4. Sherry would love to hear how things turned out! I am sure everything was amazing! Happy Holidays!

    Best, E.A.T.

  5. Tim,
    I'm eating cold cinnamon toast while packing orders, but I just wanted to let you know, I DID make these and they were amazing.

    We even had leftover orange cranberry relish on the side.

    Happy Holidays to you too!

  6. Now this is absolutely my kind of sandwich! In my house, most of the time, a sandwich is not a sandwich if it doesn't have herbs and fruit with some sort of white cheese. This sounds absolutely wonderful on that ciabatta especially. Yum!

  7. "DF" so funny you commented on this last night. We actually had this for dinner tonight and just love it!


  8. Well this is where I have to finally disagree with you my friend. Turkey & burger should never be used in the same sentence.


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