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Etiquette Tip #6

You walk into a crowded bar with your girlfriends or buds. You get practically one shot at getting the bartender's attention to order a drink. A couple of things not to be doing when the bartender comes over:
  • Texting on your phone.
  • Deep in conversation. Pay attention to the bartender - they are not waiting around until you get a moment to order.
  • Know what you want. Don't at that moment go "um.... I will have a um... what kind of beer do you have?"
  • Now is not the time to ask the bartender if they can make some tricked up drink which would require them to slow down the process behind the bar. This is happy hour. Save the "Blue Motorcycles" for the Chinese restaurant later in the week.
  • And lastly, if you are having a drink at the bar before being seated, always offer to close out and tip the bartender. If the response is "Oh, we will transfer it to your table" smile, nod an appreciative nod, and leave a tip anyway.

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