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KFC Double Down

The funny thing is by reading this article all the hype must work. I know by doing this post I am part of the hype but I have yet to try the double down!

All of the above aside I have eaten a sandwich with 2,130 calories, 43 grams of saturated fat, and 6,460 mg of sodium (which I just learned). First person to comment and figure out the restaurant and menu name from which this beauty came from I will send you a $10.00 gift certificate to Whole Foods.

Please E.A.T. local E.A.T well


  1. You had the JALAPENO SMOKEHOUSE BURGER at Chilis?

  2. I must confess yes the Jalapeno Smokehouse Burger. After those stats I will not be having another. I mean I would have to eat 4 double downs to get the same as 1 of those. AndyDawg's mom left a comment on your blog. Thanks for reading!

  3. Interesting; that to me signals the decline of the American Empire. When people are gorging themselves, this is it. Think of the Romans.


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