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Chicken...the original white meat!

Not sure I understand the feeding of pizza and chinese food to chickens but nice a couple of hens in the back yard. Fresh eggs.... I am going to have to check into the City ordinance for chickens here in Richmond, Virginia!


  1. I had friends in California in Orange county who had a chicken coop in their backyard; one time they made a pound cake with these eggs:OMG!!!Unbelievable difference!
    Sure, go for it!

  2. We had chickens when we lived in Minneapolis. You can't beat fresh eggs from birds that are not being fed all kinds of hormones and extra crap.

    As long as you only have hens you should be ok. A word of warning though - you need a pen that does more than keep chickens in. You need to keep the varmints out. We lost most of our first flock to raccoons which were a huge problem in the city.


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