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April 18th a sad day for Sardines in the US

Sardines get a bad rap. The above recipe is simple Ritz cracker, Cheese Whiz (to hold the sardine), Beach Cliff Sardines packed in mustard (my favorite), pickled jalapeno, and then some green Tabasco pepper sauce on top. Now this is not the healthiest post but as far as sardines are concerned they pack:
  • 50% of protein recomended daily allowance (RDA)
  • 40% Calcium RDA
  • 10% of Iron RDA
  • 20% of Vitamin D ( Natural source of vitamin D)
  • Naturally rich in Omega 3's

The sad news is the last US cannery for sardines is closing. Now some might say this is not sad news, but to me it will always be the fish that got away.

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  1. After my take on sardine hummos recently I had grown quite fond of sardines! I am bummed too!

  2. I have some sardines from Portugal name escapes me which I also like. When I dig those out I will let you know.


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