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Sullivan's Pond Farm

Another amazing find at the Forest Hill Farmers Market this past Saturday, Sullivans Pond Farm or otherwise known as Bonneyclabber Cheese Company. We purchased an Isabel-Chesapeake Blue which is a pasturized goats milk cheese. 3 ingredients Milk, Salt, and P.Roqueforti. I was really impressed with the packaging of this particular cheese as it was displayed in a moist cheese cloth that really made the product stand out but inside was the creamy goodness of a light but distinct blue cheese flavor. As she stated this cheese is of course great for the blue cheese fans already out there but kind of has "training wheels" for those not fans of a strong blue flavor. This cheese was a great spread on burgers and we will be finishing up the rest on a bed of mixed greens tonight!

Other varieties of cheese and soaps were displayed. Hopefully Sullivan's Pond Farm will be regulars at Forest Hill. Plan on stopping by the market next Saturday or visiting the website for purchases on-line. Next time down for Oysters I plan on giving this farm a visit!

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  1. Looking forward to the Farmers Market opening this year in Red Lion. Not rushing out to find blue cheese with training wheels.

  2. Yes I agree the more blue the better but this had an amazing creamy and silky feel with a hint of blue!

  3. Ohhh, must try Sullivan's Pond cheese! And Tim, they have been at Forest Hill for the year I have been going. . .they just haven't been to all of the recent Blanchard's editions, I think (I assume goats give less milk in winter?). But try their other cheeses! I cannot pick a favorite, and I certainly have not come across any that are less than amazing! Glad you found them.

  4. Yes Brooke that is the beauty of the Blanchards scene quaint in comparison to the Forest Hill Park both great none the less! I continue to look forward to these and many more finds with the changing of the seasons at the market!


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