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Snowville Creamery

I often drive to work listening to National Public Radio's morning edition. A month or so ago Snowville Creamery was a featured discussion. Warren Taylor who owns Snowville Creamery has 235 (Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, and Jersey) cows on 300 acres. Half of the milk they sell is to Snowville Creamery. Interesting facts on Milk from Snowville:

  • There has been a 30 year decline in milk consumption. Not solely because of soft drinks but more because of declining quality of milk being provided.
  • Snowville gets the milk 48 hours out of the cow.
  • Snowville supplies milk to retailers no farther than 8 hours away.
  • The milk is not homoginized (the cream rises to the top) so you shake it before pouring.
  • Pasturized lower at 165 degees versus the industry standard 175 degrees.
  • All of the cows dine on grass and hay.

The vast majority of milk in America is from cows who are fed soybeans and corn because they are milked several times a day and produce twice as much milk. That does not seem to make for happy cows. In listening to the beginning of the story the cows sound happy heading to the barn to be milked early in the morning. I guess the question I ask is "Milk" does it really do a body good? It seems at Snowville it does! Click the "Teats" and listen to the whole story.

Before you get all excited WHOLEFOODS on P street in DC is as close as it gets to Richmond.


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  1. Snowville sounds awesome! You know. . .we have some local dairies that sell raw milk shares! There is also a PA company, Natural by Nature, that sells grass-fed, organic milk. They have a non-homogenized, glass-bottled product. . .I am working on getting it in our Whole Foods in Richmond! Let them know you want it, too. It is the best milk I have ever tasted off a grocery store shelf.

  2. Brooke yes I am familiar with Natural by Nature and as you know they are carried in Whole Foods in Richmond just not in glass bottled product you mentioned above. I will let them know that I would like the glass bottled product also! Thanks for the heads up.


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